There are a whole bunch of suggestions and strategies that help you achieve your goals. They want you to ask yourself the question: what do I want to achieve

Or maybe: what do I want to accomplish this year (or week, or month)?

They’re not necessarily bad questions, per se. BUT do you know what a better question to ask yourself is? 


It’s this one: How do I need to FEEL to achieve my goals?


how to achieve your goals

The FEELING. What feeling will help motivate you and move you toward accomplishing your goals?


As I was setting my own goals for this year, I asked myself this very question and interestingly a song popped into my head: “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC. Remember that one? Oh man! In high school, we would blast that song on the bus as we traveled to our basketball games. Jamming out to that song would get us so pumped to play!


Thinking back on how powerful that feeling was to get me ready for the big game, I realized something. That “Highway to Hell” feeling I had back on the high school basketball team bus? That's what feeling I want NOW as I work on achieving my goals.  Those feelings like I’m doing what I want to, doing what makes me feel happy, and doing what makes me grow. Yes!  That’s how I want to feel  — not on basketball courts now — but in life and in my goals. It’s an amazing feeling for me.


It might be different for you.  Maybe a song won’t come to mind like it did for me.  But think back on a previous time in your life when your feelings about doing something or preparing for something or accomplishing something were powerful for you. When was it? What were you doing? What helped generate those strong and positive emotions to get YOU hyped up for accomplishing something? 


When you recall that feeling, hold on to it. Hold it there for a moment and ponder. How can that feeling be recreated to help you now? What feeling will help you be all in? 


You’ve got this! I know you’ll be able to find your own “Highway to Hell” feeling. I know it will help you feel the excitement and enthusiasm you need to crush your goals!