Are there problems that have been plaguing you lately? All you need is seek out a higher power and ask. We always forget to ask the most important questions. Just ask and you will receive your answers. Little by little your problems will be solved, and your life will be happier.

Some Inspirational Thoughts:

“We are all talking about something very similar where a power higher than in ourselves can give us guidance. Now, the most important thing though is that we remember to seek
and ask. There are so many little things in our lives that tie up our time in energy and focus,and that causes anxiety and worry and often we forget to ask.”

“So, think about a problem or the problems that have been plaguing you lately that take time and energy, that prevent you from feeling the way you want to feel. And take it to your higher power and find out how you can improve that situation. Now the thoughts that come, usually the first ones are often right. Maybe you can get your answers in different ways. But I would recommend reading the book ‘True Purpose” by Tim Kelly to learn more about that. I know this process is real and that, there really is a higher power who loves us, watching out for us, and guiding us. ”

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Dr. Jen Riday

Hey there, I'm Jen, Women's Happiness Expert and mom of 6. I help women find greater meaning, productivity and happiness by showing them how to let go of the “shoulds” and focus on doing the things they love.

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