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21: Changing Your Self Talk to Improve Chronic Pain (with Theresa Lode)

Have you ever struggled with a sense of perfectionism, wanting to be the perfect mom, wife or friend and on a never-ending quest to help everyone? Theresa Lode did too, until she started to realize the connection between her self-talk and beliefs and the painful fibromyalgia she was living with. By addressing her past traumas through journaling and challenging the beliefs she had about her body and health, Theresa was able to restore her health and begin a journey of helping other women to do the same. Listen and learn how getting rid of your own “stinking thinking” might improve or even restore your health. You, too, can learn how to improve chronic pain by challenging your self talk.

Theresa Lode (pronounced Low-dee), is a Life Organizer, writer and owner of Life Uncluttered. While she offers organizing services for home or business, her favorite organizing is done in the hearts of women to help them tackle Sacred Clutter and heal from chronic pain. Theresa drinks way too much coffee and if that doesn’t get her hyper enough, she can be found shaking what her mama gave her in Zumba.

Nuggets of Wisdom from Theresa:

“You are enough and you have enough.”

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

“For a lot of people just giving voice to their story is so healing.”

“Challenge your body. Remind yourself that there is nothing wrong.”

“Get up and choose your thinking, then you choose to address and frame your day differently. To look at it thinking, “Man! This is a really tough day!” versus “This is a challenge. I'm going to change something today.” Being real with it, being real with weakness, that is where the joy is and acknowledging the shadow inside of me, recognizing that but not going and beating myself up.”

Some of Theresa's Favorite Things:

Personal habit: “Coffee time, I use that time to read journal. Exercise, move that body.”

Easy meal: “The Instant Pot… slices dices… slow cooker, saute.. pressure cook. Anything that I can throw in to there and forget about it. Whatever I can dump in there. That is my favorite meal.”

Possession: Instant Pot

Book: Rising Strong by Brené Brown

Best advice received: “Be true to yourself.”

Happiest memory: “I am happiest when I live wholeheartedly, love generously, and have the courage to speak my truth.”

Theresa's Happiness Formula:

I'm happiest when I live wholehearted, live generously and have the courage to speak my truth.”

A Challenge from Theresa:

“Have people pause, and ask, ‘Who told you that? What is the internal self talk that is going on?' Then look for that and find out who told you that and then challenge it.”



Rising Strong

Instant Pot

The Divided Mind: The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders

Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection

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