We all have that one thing that we struggle with. They are all different for each of us. But one thing is sure, it causes us to worry, be depressed or fret. However, consider it a blessing and see how it shaped you as a person. Know that your struggle made your stronger.  Celebrate that.

Some Inspirational Thoughts:

“We all have something that challenges us so that we struggle with. Now today for a moment or perhaps for the week, consider that as a blessing something that helps you to grow. Think of that thing and look at how you have changed and been able to rise up and become stronger as a person because of it. Maybe it gave you an opportunity to learn compassion for another person. Maybe it gave you the opportunity to learn to be less reactive. Perhaps it was an opportunity for you to learn to love more deeply and to see the absolute good in others even when they can not see it themselves. Look at how your challenges and your struggles shape you and help you to grow. Why not see the good in them? Many times we can not change them, or the improvement is slow. So, look at how it helps you to grow and celebrate that.”

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