In this Happy Bit: Boundaries are all about where you end and the other person begins. Learn how to strengthen your boundaries through self awareness, clear communication, and consistent consequences so you can preserve (and increase!) your energy and happiness.

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Healthy boundaries are all about knowing where you end and the other person begins. It's like you're in a bubble and within that bubble you're 100% responsible for your happiness and energy. And with that, you have to develop an awareness of what gives you MORE energy and happiness (cup fillers) and what DRAINS your energy and happiness (cup drainers).

When you have this awareness, the next step is to figure out where your limit is, communicate that limit to yourself and others, and then allow natural consequences to help you maintain that boundary (a boundary with no consequence is not a boundary). For example, if your spouse has agreed to take out the trash, but they forget and aren't able to get to it with a gentle reminder, then you either 1) don't do it and let them experience the consequence of the icky mess, or 2) do it and then let them know you won't be able to do something else you had planned to do that night because you had to spend some of your energy on an unexpected task.

The best part? You don't have to get angry or upset. You recognize this isn't about fair/unfair. It's just about the finite energy you have and the preservation or increase of that energy and happiness.

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Make it a great week!