In part 2 of a 2-part series, I share a painful event from my past involving a miscarriage and the marriage struggles that intensified as a result. Listen to Part 1 here

Jen is a 42-year-old mom of six and Women's Happiness Expert who lives just outside of Madison, Wisconsin with her family. Jen was raised on a farm with the values of hard work and honesty, and today Jen's priorities are spirituality, family, health and helping women find happiness (in that order). In her free time Jen enjoys yoga, meditation, time in nature, and curling up with a great book.

Nuggets of Wisdom from Jen:

“Taking the time alone to analyze my thoughts and feelings in a moment of quiet reflection (or meditation) really makes a huge difference for me.”

“Self care, boundaries, and meditation all worked together to help me have better relationships… I really could say I was happier than ever.”

“Going forward, as I was juggling a new baby and all the responsibilities of a mom of six I developed a system of self care to  make sure that I had time for the things that fill my cup and make me happy. I developed a week at a glance, and a year at a glance.”

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