In your own words, define abundance? For sure, money will be mentioned. However, abundance is much more than that. We can have an abundance mindset in regards to time, talents, resources, creativity, love, and on and on and on.

Some Inspirational Thoughts:

“When we have an abundance we focus on what we have, it is essentially an attitude of gratitude, celebrating all that is good in our lives and focusing on that. Whenever an obstacle comes up, we see that as an opportunity for growth. We do not compare ourselves to others but we are focusing on our own personal growth. We are only comparing ourselves to ourselves.”

“In contrast, scarcity is focusing on what is lacking. when we lack love or when we lack resources or when we lack time, we are operating from a place of fear. We feel like we are not good enough, we do not know enough, we do not have enough. That just generates such a constricting, contracted feeling that you really do not want to have that.”

“So, make a goal right now to start shifting your mindset to a place of abundance. Noticing what you have, organizing what you have: your time, your resources, your talents your stuff and seeing all the good that is happening in your life.”


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