“Oh I am crazy busy. I am so stressed. I can barely handle it. I just wished my kids would x…”and on and on. And you see what is happening there? What we all are prone to doing? And that is focusing on what is lacking.  And if this quote is correct, which I believe it is. That what you focus on increases, then we are actually making the problem worse.

Some Inspirational Thoughts:

“Your brain takes all that information that you have come into your brain everyday, things you see, things happening around you, things you hear, and it filters, and it presents the things to your mind that are most important. The things that actually helps support a belief you might have. For example, if you believe you always gets stopped at a red light, Then you are going to find evidence of that, and every time a red light happens, your brain will say, ‘See? This is true, you are at a red light'. But in actuality, you probably stopping at just as many green lights, and you are not hitting anymore headlights than anyone else. See what I mean? ”

“I want to challenge you as we are heading into 2017 soon, to start focusing on the things that you want to increase. Such as, I eat very healthy, start making that a belief. Say it to yourself. And then allow your brain to find evidence of that. The subconscious is very very powerful. And when we start filling our minds with thoughts and beliefs that we want to happen, that we want to increase, it is going to happen. It is going to be much more likely. So remember that phrase, that which we focus on increases.”


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