Have you ever had a problem that needed to be solved, but you just couldn't quite figure out the solution? Enter the THINK LIST. This tool will help you find solutions to those annoying problems that seem to have no answer, like how to get up earlier in the morning, how to improve a relationship with a teenager, or any other moment in life when you just need an inspired or creative solution.

The Think List

Whenever I’m producing content for some of my programs, I often get stuck in a place of overthinking things. So I’ve learned to stop everything and go for a walk, or work in the garden, or cook something because changing things up almost always gets my creativity pumping again. Recently I decided to just create an official THINK LIST and commit various troubling ideas or creative problems to the list. Whenever I have a free moment when I’m driving or on a walk, I’ll pull up one of the problems and let it roll through my mind. Sometimes I’ll even commit a problem to my dreams, often waking up with an Ah-ha solution (which I promptly write down). Listen to learn more about implementing the Think List in your own life.

Your Challenge

Grab a piece of paper, hang it up, and write the words Think List across the top and start thinking today.

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