Do you find your mood and energy going downhill in the winter? Do you struggle to paste a smile on your face, when all you'd really like to do is stay in bed all day? In this episode, I share my personal formula for coping with depression, along with tons of PRACTICAL mood-boosting tools that really WORK for me and many other women.

Your challenge:

As Jill Payne mentioned in her Vibrant Happy Women interview, it's critical that we manage our energy by focusing on body, focus, and dialogue.

Body: After focusing on getting enough sleep and eating right, I've found the following to be SUPER effective at boosting my mood when life is hard or when the sun isn't shining (Note: I am not a medical doctor and my suggestions should not replace advice from your physician): From left to right, a mood light, which I sit in front of daily in the winter for 20-45 minutes; my Jumpsport rebounder, which I jump on every morning anywhere from 5-15 minutes, and Vitamin D-3 (I take 1 daily and regularly get my Vitamin D levels measured so I stay within the recommended range).


Focus: Start the day with 3 gratitudes and meditation. Spend more time doing what you love and building healthy boundaries to protect you from what drains you.

Dialogue: Watch your inner self-talk! Celebrate your successes and keep a running commentary of how awesome you are!

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