Journaling can be a powerful way to see the big picture of your life, to notice the trajectory you're on and to make needed adjustments. Whether you prefer gratitude journaling, writing your goals and intentions or recording a “diary” of your day, journaling is so helpful. One of the most powerful forms of journaling is vision journaling, which is writing down what you WANT your life to look like as if it's already the REALITY. Vision journaling not only creates energy, motivation and focus, but new research would suggest it is probably building new neural pathways in your brain, making it more likely you'll choose behaviors in line with your vision and goals. In this episode I tell you exactly how to do it.

Your Challenge:

Keep a vision journal daily, even if it's only just 2-5 minutes. When you keep the vision of what you want at the top of your mind (and build the energy, motivation and neural pathways that come as a result of doing it), you're way more likely to have the life of your dreams!

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