Have you ever woken up exhausted, grumpy or unready to face the day? In this Happy Bit I give you 3 strategies that will boost your mood, energy and focus on those really tough mornings and so you don't have to spend the morning wanting to bite people's heads off!)

I woke up grumpy…

I had a rough night due to being woken up by the same unnamed teenager 3 TIMES, so I woke up critical and negative. After laying into my husband because his sideburns looked “crazy,” I knew the problem wasn't him, it was me. So I had to create an intervention for my mood, which led me to go to my old standbys:

3 Strategies To Boost Your Mood and Energy on Those Tough Mornings:

  1. Gratitude & vision journaling.
  2. Exercise and upbeat music.
  3. Create a NEW plan for your day concentrating not just on the WHAT, but on the WHY (taken from Tony Robbins' RPM method).  For example, I needed to record this Happy Bit this morning (my WHAT) but I didn't feel super motivated until I connected with my BIG WHY: “I want to help women rise and embrace their power to create lives of happiness and purpose.”

My energy went back to mostly normal and I found the focus, motivation and clarity I need to have the great day I've come to expect. Try them for yourself and let me know how they work by emailing me at support@jenriday.com!

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