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77: How to Blossom Even When Life Is Hard (with Niyc Pidgeon)

Several years ago Niyc Pidgeon found herself drowning in negativity and fear after being raped. With the encouragement of a therapist and a hefty dose of self exploration, Niyc found her way out of the darkness and into a place of gratitude, awareness and growth. Now she shares her story on stages around the world to help empower other women to find their own way out of whatever darkness they might be experiencing in their lives.

As a Positive Psychologist and Success Coach, Niyc is on a mission to help a million women change their lives using Positive Psychology by the year 2020. She recently won Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the UK, is currently living in Los Angeles, and proudly travels the world speaking, coaching, and helping women create more joy, personal power, and unstoppable success within themselves and their businesses. Niyc’s first book Now is Your Chance, is a 30-Day Guide To Living Your Happiest Life Using Positive Psychology, published with the world’s largest mind body and spirit publisher Hay House, and available for pre order now. You can explore more at

Nuggets of Wisdom from Niyc:

“Beautiful flowers blossom in adversity.”

“My intention is that I bring together the science side of things and the spirituality side of things, as well as my personal experience and my professional expertise to really give the readers something that they can practically do everyday.”

“Meditation is something that allowed me to connect with myself and the highest version of myself.”

“I managed to find gratitude for the process and managed to find the gratitude for the fact that, one day, I knew that I would be able to share this story and help other people. Even the bad things that happen to us, we have to find gratitude on some level.”

“Happiness is about raising your awareness, showing up in everything you do.”

Some of Niyc's Favorite Things:

“My morning ritual/nurturing practice: gratitude rampage, moving into this place of gratitude and abundance, meditation, moving my body & energy around to feel empowered, visualization (standing on stage, seeing flowers), written affirmations, speak out loud my goal… abracadabra… I create what I speak. That which I speak, I create. It’s all about everything we say and bringing that thing into our reality. That is a practice that has given me so much.”

Favorite kitchen gadget: Garlic Press

Niyc's Favorite Books: “Mind Gym, which is a collection of short, succinct tips about how you can develop a stronger mindset.”

Best advice received: “To be able to wake up in the morning and just be yourself.”

Niyc's Happiness Formula:

“Happiness is a combination of gratitude, awareness and growth -being grateful for what you have, heightening your awareness and also ensuring that everyday you are doing something that allows you to feel accomplished. And you actually give yourself credit for the things you do as well.”

A Challenge from Niyc:

“Every night before bed do your ‘DONE list' and reflect on the service you've given and the things you've accomplished.”


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