About This Happy Bit:

In this episode, I talk about how you can be the happiest person at a party. Have you ever heard of mirror neurons? These neurons fire up in response to the mood or body language of the people around us. When we are around happy people, we will actually feel happier, too. So, how about starting to be the life of the party? Start now by being happy.

Some Motivational Thoughts:

“My challenge for you as we head into this long weekend is that you make time to be with one of your happiest friends. You know that friend who's always laughing and smiling, and she is just plain fun to be around? Schedule a time this weekend or in the next week or two, to talk to her or just spend time with her.”

“I am going to give you another challenge, and that is to go to these parties or events and be the happiest person there. Make the choice to smile and laugh and just be so excited and positive. Now, you might feel that it is a little fake but it is not. We fake it till we make it, and our brain will follow.”

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