Have you ever considered how you can make life happier, not only for yourself but for the people around you? Amber Price, mom of 4 and blogger at Crazy Little Projects, is the master of Making Life Happy. Using her personal motto, “Be Kind,” she strives to be a generous friend. You'll be inspired by Amber's can-do attitude and motivated to be a better person and friend yourself.

Amber Price is a stay at home mom of 4 boys and a blogger at CrazyLittleProjects.com. Amber’s top priority is her kids and family, but as a mom of 4 boys she decided she also needed a creative and feminine outlet, so she took her love of sewing, baking, and making holidays super fun and turned it into her amazing Crazy Little Projects blog. When she’s not refereeing a wrestling match between her boys or sewing a super cute apron to share on her blog, you’ll find Amber doing nice things for her friends and serving in her church.

Nuggets of Wisdom in this episode:

“I start every day off with hot chocolate for breakfast. That makes me happy.”

“Everybody’s fighting a battle every day. If we’re nice to each other, that helps so much.”

“Be kind. That sums up who I want to be, who I want my kids to be, and who I want to be around.”

“Have a big picture view. This life is going to have hard times in it. And we’re going to get through them and grow from them. View it as a learning experience.”

“I love my life right now, probably more than I ever have.”

Some of Amber's Favorite Things:

Personal Habit: Get 8 hours of sleep every night.
Easy Meal: Homemade Pizza
Possession: Laptop with a hot pink case. Amber goes to the local bakery and drinks hot chocolate to work on her laptop while her youngest is in preschool and loves it.
Book: The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton
Bucket List Item: Visiting London with her husband Josh
Best Advice: When she was 3 years old, Amber's dad helped her form a strong identity as someone who loves to help people by telling her, “Amber really likes to do nice things for people.” And it stuck with her. Later, while she was in high school, he said, “Amber always wants to root for the underdog.” 
Happiest Moment: Amber loves whenever she has a really good day. On her most recent birthday her husband was out of town so she made it a fun day by going shopping with friends, eating out, and watching a movie and having treats with her best friend. It was such a perfect day. The moral: MAKE it a fun day. CREATE your fun.

Be Kind. Amber Price. Crazy Little Projects.

Amber's Happiness Formula:

Sleep + Being with People I Love + Doing the Things I Love (baking, eating chocolate, reading, spending time with my husband)

“Just do whatever makes you happy and putting that in your life on a daily basis.”

A Challenge from Amber:

“Find one thing that makes you happy and do it this week.”


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