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Why is sharing a meal with family, friends and loved ones so important? It gives us time to relax and bond with each other, and that leaves us feeling really, really good!

My challenge to each of you is to schedule time regularly to eat with the people you love. “There's something about preparing the meal together, sitting together, eating slowly, and then cleaning up the meal afterwards. Perhaps, even enjoying some dessert.”

This weekend I “…enjoyed a family meal with all six of my children and my husband, and we had spaghetti. My fifteen year old son was in charge of the cooking and he loved all the praise he got! In fact, he’s already planning next week’s meal.”

“The second challenge, if you have kids that are old enough, let them do some cooking. This is becoming a lost art these days. My son was so excited to try this, he said, ‘I want to be the chef! I want you guys to think it's great. I don't want you helping to plan my meals, Mom.'

“Okay! Enough said.”

“So again, make sure to eat together with the people you love. Do the cooking and cleaning up together. And if you have kids let them get involved as well.

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