About This Happy Bit:

How can adding a dash of adventure can make you happier?

Being outdoors is so uncommon these days…

We spend so much of our time cooped up in the house, the office, or the car, it's no wonder we can sometimes get the blahs. I want to talk about how adventure and exploration can make us happy.

Recently my son who is almost thirteen went on a field trip with his class to a local state park. They spent the entire day hiking, climbing on cliffs and rocks, and truly having an adventure. It’s the type of thing kids don’t do much nowadays.

My son came home from this field trip almost shaking with excitement. He said, ‘Mom, that was the best field trip ever. We hiked the entire day. We had to cross over some rivers, on some logs, and I did not even really fall off. Okay well, I fell off twice but I fell off way less than the other people. And we were on this really tall cliff, we had to be really careful, so we won't fall off. It was awesome!'

As a mom, I was really excited to hear his level of enthusiasm for being outdoors.

My challenge to you: make an opportunity to have an adventure or to explore something new. Go outside of the boundaries what you normally do, and you'll find that the sense of creativity and novelty involved in an adventure will make you a lot happier! And not only this week, but try to have an adventure every week.

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