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Happy Bit: How Do You Want to Feel in Your Relationships?

Work your way to a happier relationship. Take a while to think about this. Write down your thoughts on how do you want to feel in your relationships? Your family, friends, co-worker, the list can go on. Picture out their best self with you and make that a reality. And see the wonderful difference it will make in your life.


Some Inspirational Thoughts:

“Begin each day to imagine feeling that way with that person. Seeing to relationship working in such a way that you can have that feeling. See the very best in that person. See their future self, their best self, and make that a reality in your mind. You will be surprised how that influences your interaction with that person? How it makes you feel less resentful and more positive and loving.”


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About jen

Jen Riday is a mom of 6 and life coach who loves to help women experience massive happiness as they let go of stress, sadness or other chronic emotions of negativity.

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Lost track of what makes you happy?

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