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19: Creating a Life You Love (with Amber Lilyestrom)

Amber Lilyestrom shares her story of leaving the corporate world so she could spend more time with her family. She describes how she combined belief with action steps so she could achieve the life of her dreams. Learn how Amber first mentally created what she wanted to FEEL and how the reality followed. And hear the wild story of how Amber and her husband were able to acquire their dream home. Synchronicity!

Nuggets of Wisdom from Amber:

  • “Be where your feet are.”
  • “We are in control of how we feel.”
  • “Do things that help you feel more free. Feel, revel and be appreciative of all the blessings that you have already and just really be present with what you can create in your life around what already exists. “
  • “I want to be unconditionally happy, I want to be unconditionally present, I want to be unconditionally grateful. And just that in and of itself creates this release and a really powerful shift.”
  • “As you get more general with the conditions, and less specific, it is easier to be grateful.”
  • “What is your gift to this world? How can we translate that into work, essentially, or a life experience that is going to be fulfilling to you?”
  • “I have to pick myself for my own team. We all do. We have to pick ourselves first for our own teams if we want to be the highest version of ourselves.”


Some of Amber's Favorite Things:

  • Personal habit: “Writing everyday. I am talking to myself in my journal. I think being able to have that conversation with myself is a game changer; it helps me expand into the places I need to as a coach and also a profound way for me to continue to do my work.”
  • Easy meal: “I make these green smoothies. And I have this vegan protein powder that I love. I am not vegan but I like the idea of it.” Amber's favorite smoothie right now: a handful of spinach, one handful of kale, 3 quarters of a cup of frozen mango, some almond milk, a little dash of cinnamon, and a full banana. Blend that up. Tweak to taste. 🙂
  • Possession: “My house.”
  • Book: The Game of Life and How to Play It  by Florence Scovel Shinn
  • Bucket list item: “I really want to do a keynote address at my alma mater.”
  • Best advice received: “You have only got you for the rest of your life, so you've got to find a way to like yourself. You've got to find a way to get along with you and celebrate you.”
  • Happiest memory: “Easter Sunday, we were at the house and we hosted Easter and everyone was here in our family, our core family, and just that moment, we are here together, I am a mom and my mom is here and Ben's mom is here…. That may not happen again but I got to fully be there. This is what life is all about. To be able to create the space and to have those moments to cherish with the people you love the most is everything to me.”


Amber's Happiness Formula:

“I'm happiest when I slow down and listen to my inner being and fully appreciate the opportunity that is my life.”


A Challenge from Amber:

“I would love the audience to write out a list of your heart's true desire. I want to challenge you to dream really big and to put out that big goal.”




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