What are you alive for? What are you called to do?  This book by Tim Kelly, True Purpose, will definitely help you in finding out what you are here to do. Just read through the book, answer the questions and you will be guided. Check out what is the outcome know that anything is possible in your life. As Sarah Gilbert said, the sky is not the limit, anything is possible. Be happier, be the true you!

Some Inspirational Thoughts:

“List the things to which you are consistently drawn, what about them draws you? If you had a year to live, what would you spend your time doing? So you answer these questions by writing them down. And then you go back and reread the answers. Figure out the commonalities and the patterns in your answers. Now, I am not all the way through the book, but I have done these portion of the exercises and for me, the words that came up were love and listen. I am called to love and listen, Well, this is perfect because I am a mom of six kids, and I consider that my highest calling, I get to love and listen to them, and having that statement or having found that out, just kind of gave me a little more drive to do that a little better this week. ”

“Additionally as a life coach and podcaster, I get to do a lot of listening, and so I felt like, huh, I am in the right path and I am going to go forward with more drive and determination in this area because I saw these pattern that existed in my life since I was a little girl.”

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