Energetically we all have a vibration. Similar to how plucking on the string of a violin or harp produces vibration and sound, we all send out a vibration depending on how we feel. To illustrate this, you probably know a “Debbie Downer” type person — that person would be living at a low vibration. Likewise, you could be the kind of person who spreads positivity, and happiness; signs of living a high vibration life.

Well, the Vibrant Happy Movement is all about increasing our energetic vibrations and starting to live a highly vibrant life! 

high vibration lifeLiving a high vibe life really comes down to doing those things that make you feel more alive, that make your heart sing, and that bring you JOY. For more on this, check out episode 107 on the Vibrant Happy Women podcast.

Having a tribe — a group of people that uplift you, inspire you, and help you feel alive — is crucial in helping you achieve your highest vibe life. We tend to be like the 5 people we hang around the most. Who are your 5? Are they helping lift you up or are bringing you down with their low vibe energy? Hmmmm… (for more on tribes, take a listen to episode 124!)

In the Vibrant Happy Women Club, small groups of women are grouped into Soul Circles. In essence, it’s a premade tribe. And I know it will be your tribe because all the women come to the Club because of similar reasons. Some want to heal their hearts. Others want to improve and heal their relationships. These women are like-minded in purpose and are striving to live their highest vibes lives. When healing and mending of hearts happens, you can then start to live your purpose. And living your purpose brings you into that vibrant, happy state we all want to live in!

When we are burned out, running on empty, and overwhelmed, our inner GPS sounds the alarm. WARNING, WARNING! Time to make a shift here! It’s telling you that you need to start living the life you want to be living NOT just living at the mercy of to-do lists or everyone else’s agendas. 

What helps YOU feel more alive? And do you have enough of that in your life? If your answer is yes, way to go! You are high vibin’! If your answer is no, which most women will admit, then I invite you to consider joining the Vibrant Happy Women Club. There you can find the tribe that will help you heal, grow and start living your highest vibration life. We would love to have you join us!