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12 Days of Simplifying the Season

Tired of stress and overwhelm during the holidays? Ready for more love, joy, peace and time to enjoy the reason for the season? This 12-day series will show you exactly how to do it.

Day 12: To Behold and Revere

We all know mindfulness is an important part of happiness because it prevents us from being sad about the past and keeps us from being anxious about the future. But what happens when we take mindfulness to the next level for the holidays? 

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Day 11: Your Holiday Legacy

Maya Angelou said, “At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” So you have to ask, how do I want to make others feel? And most importantly, since mood and energy are contagious, how can I feel the way I want others to feel? What legacy of emotion do I want to leave throughout the holiday season?

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Day 10: Scheduling Down Time

Have you ever tasted the feeling of having NOTHING to do? It's possible! All you have to do is schedule it. Learn why this kind of down time will help to make your holiday amazing. 

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Day 9: Deep Listening

One of the best ways to shift into an energy of love and peace during the holidays is to give the gift of deep listening, where we not only engage our body through eye contact and focus, but where we shift the energy of our heart to the person speaking. Learn how it's done in this episode.

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Day 8: Level 10 Holiday Self Care

We've all heard of self care, but how do you engage in “Level 10 Self Care” – the kind that fills us with deep love, joy, and peace and wanting for nothing? Learn how in this episode.

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Day 7: Healthy Holiday Boundaries

During the holidays we might brush elbows with that crazy uncle or that sassy sister, the one who leaves us feeling drained and depleted. How do we form healthy boundaries so we can protect and preserve our precious positive energy during the holidays?

Day 6: Do vs. Be

You can spend your holiday doing “all the things,” or try taking it to the next level and BEING the person you want to be, at the identity level. Learn how in this episode.

Day 5: A More Feminine Holiday

In our efforts to get it done (fast) and be more efficient, most of us spend 90% of our time in a masculine, yang-type energy of achievement. However, if we want to experience more balance, maybe this is the holiday when we try out a more feminine energy so we can experience more of the love, joy and peace we crave.

Day 4: Enjoying an Intuitive Holiday

So, you've generated a solid list of “Holiday Keepers” that will meet everyone's needs and help all of you (including yourself) feel the way you want to feel. Now, we take it to the next level and finalize things with a stamp of approval from a Higher Source. (Includes a GUIDED MEDITATION you'll love).

Day 3: What Does Your Family Actually Want?

We pile ALL the things onto our own shoulders during the holidays, hoping to make things magical and “perfect,” but do we really know what our loved ones ACTUALLY want? It's time to find out.

Day 2: Traditions

Do the traditions you learned as a child amplify your desired feelings for the holidays? Or extinguish them? Which traditions should you keep? Which traditions can you change?

Day 1: Letting Go of the Holiday “Shoulds”

Are you aware of all the “should” pressing down on you, stealing your love, joy and peace during the holidays? Learn how to identify them and begin to let them go.




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Jen Riday is a mom of 6 and life coach who loves to help women experience massive happiness as they let go of stress, sadness or other chronic emotions of negativity.

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