Raising teens can be hard as they navigate school, peers and emotions. But what happens when you have a teen who isn’t making the choices you’d like them to make or who is struggling with teen depression and trying to cope through drugs or other risky behaviors? In this episode you’ll learn how to help a troubled teen and to heal the parent-teen relationship in the process.

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to stop trying to fix your teen (and what to do instead).
  • The secret weapon you can use when you wake up to keep negative thoughts in check.
  • 3 mindset shifts that can help a teen take charge of their emotions and happiness.
  • How to use the “Pause, Notice, Choose” method to heal your relationships and improve decision-making.
  • And much more!

Nuggets of Wisdom from Claire and Elizabeth:

“Live the life that you love and love the life that you live. When you are living the life that you love, it’s just doing the things you enjoy, being around people that make you happy, working at a place that you truly love, being healthy and happy and spending time with good people.”

“I don’t feel depressed anymore, ever. It’s literally night and day. I’ve realized that it’s your outlook on life and you have control over how people make you feel.” – Claire

“You’re never done growing and there’s always more work to do. Every single day, you need to make a conscious effort. You’re not going to be perfect and you still have things to work through. Even if you mess up, that’s ok, there’s always more work to do. I am constantly being conscious of who I surround myself with.” – Claire

What does it mean to be a Vibrant Happy Woman?

“Live the life you love.” – Claire

“Pause, notice, choose. Be very present in the moment. Ask yourself, ‘What do I feel in my body when I feel like going this direction or that direction?'” – Elizabeth

A Challenge from Claire and Elizabeth:

“Pause, notice, choose.”

“Exercise gratitude when you wake up.”


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