About This Episode:

Have you ever found something that you really like to do and wondered, “Could I make money doing this?” This is exactly what Stacy Tuschl did and she has created a hugely successful business by doing what she loves. If you have that entrepreneurial bug, listen and learn how she came to grow a business.  If you are a mom trying to balance life, listen and learn how she is able to meet her personal and family needs successfully as well as run a business.

What You'll Learn:

After listening you'll know:

  • Why you are the average of the 5 people you hang out with
  • How your talents and passions can turn into business ideas
  • How a mentor makes a huge difference
  • Why 80% is often better than 100%
  • Why it’s more important what your kids think of you than what peers think
  • The secret to keeping commitments to yourself
  • And much more!

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