About This Episode:

The world today can be incredibly overstimulating — there is SO much to see, to experience, and to process. Just like your tired body after a busy day, your brain needs to rest and reset, too. Research shows that meditation can help your brain by teaching you how to connect the relationship of the thoughts in your mind to the feelings in your body. And that connection results in abundant benefits. Listen to this fascinating interview to find out how meditation can help YOU.

What You'll Learn:

After listening you'll know:

  • How to start meditation if you’re a beginner
  • What the many tangible benefits of mediation are
  • What the “attentional loop” is and why it’s the core of meditative practice
  • How meditation can help improve focus and attention (in kids, too!)
  • How meditation can assist in breaking certain habits and cycles
  • What it means to sit with discomfort and why that’s good for you
  • About the Muse headband and how to use it to improve your mediation
  • What the “Cold Shower Challenge” is and how empowers you to handle emotions and feelings
  • And much more!

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