About This Episode:

We are constantly bombarded by images on TV, magazines, and social media showing us what a “healthy body” should look like. These ideals are the root cause of many body image struggles, especially with women. What it, instead of trying to get our bodies to look like everyone else, we listened to our bodies are telling us? What it we treated our bodies as a unique and special vessel, tuning in to what it needs?

What You'll Learn:

After listening, you'll know:

  • Why aesthetic fitness is not actual fitness 
  • What it means to have body intuition
  • How to practice mindful eating
  • What it means to “come home to your body”
  • What it means to have your own health zone and how it can evolve with you
  • What W.I.N. means
  • Gillian’s recent experience that made her never question her gut instincts again
  • And much more!

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