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345: Being Authentic (with Rachel Macy Stafford)


What does it really mean to be authentic? And how do we release control and allow our kids to be their authentic selves?

Guest Rachel Macy Stafford answers these questions and shares her story of ditching perfectionism and shame so she could learn to be her authentic self and shine.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to plant yourself in the right ground
  • Ways to find out what you really like
  • What happened with Rachel's daughter Avery
  • How to let your kids be themselves (without feeling like they're not measuring up)
  • What happened with Jen's daughter (and how she's handling her husband's disapproval about it)
  • and much more!


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Jen Riday is a mom of 6 and life coach who loves to help women experience massive happiness as they let go of stress, sadness or other chronic emotions of negativity.

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