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88: Laughing It Up with Chewbacca Mom (Candace Payne)

Candace Payne was a normal stay-at-home mom… until one random day during her birthday week she chose to try on a Chewbacca mask, laughing hysterically enough to create a viral video sensation and giving her the nickname Chewbacca Mom. Join me as Candace tells us about a couple of times she wasn’t happy and laughing and how she has made the decision to choose happiness and adventure every day.

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Nuggets of Wisdom from Candace:

“Comparison is the thief of joy.”

“It’s been a fun, fun journey. The fame thing, all that it amounted to in my life, is just meeting some incredible people with influence and platform. Other people call them celebrities. I just call them some great people. For me, it’s also about meeting some incredible people with zero influence and platform. And getting to meet everybody who’s seen the video and said it’s meant something to them. People are people. I love 'em. Fame is just a really fickle thing.”

“I feel like who I am is who you see. What you see is what you get. Everybody loves someone who is real. We know when someone is trying to fake us out. We see it all the time. We value people who are just real. I am more than just a laugh. I am more than just a lady that likes to play as a grown up. There are great highs when I get highs. And incredible depths to me as well that I hope people would discover as they read my book. I am definitely more than just a laugh. I am the substance behind the laughter as well.”

“You can start with this truth: You cannot actually obtain and sustain joy without hope. If you find yourself hopeless, at any single point in your life, you cannot have joy at the same time. You just can’t. It’s impossible. I’ve never met a person that is completely hopeless and can possess joy. I feel that if people can get their hopes up, you can start to see glimmers of what joy actually looks like in your life.”

Some of Candace's Favorite Things:

Routine: “20 minutes to 2 hours singing as though I’m in a church service… 45-60 minute podcast of motivational speech or preaching. Engage my mind in something that I do not know how to do. Then I try to do it.”

“I’ve been a lover more of developing my sense of adventure than my sense of talent or ability and it is serving me very well right now in this season that I’m in. It’s been good.”

Habit: “Be honest and don’t take yourself too seriously. Do the honest hard work of evaluating where you need to. Be a better person.”

Best advice received: “Baby, keep your belt of truth on you, because if you lose your belt you lose your pants and you show your rear. To just be truthful, to be honest and be authentic in everything you do.”

Favorite Book: “God Is Good by Bill Johnson”

What does it mean to be a Vibrant Happy Woman?:

“Being more attracted to risk and adventure than failure. It actually means jumping in when you feel like you’re going to lose it all. Just take the chance. I have found that there is so much joy and happiness every time I risk, even if I fail at it. Even if I fail, I always want to be failing forward.

I’m one of those that genuinely loves the idea of risking it all. I don’t feel like I have lived, unless I have.”


God Is Good

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