Burned out and broken — Kristen’s story

Have you ever taken a rubber band and pulled and pulled and pulled to see how far you can get it to stretch before it snaps? 

Have YOU ever felt like that rubber band?

Kristen had always been a high achiever, working long hours and giving 110% at her job. After becoming a mom — something she always wanted — she found that she kept working to give that 110% not only as an employee, but in her role as a mother, too. 

She became like that rubber band. She was stretched so thin. She was exhausted. She dreaded getting out of bed in the morning. Nothing was fun. She was doing nothing for herself as she gave her all to everyone else.

“I was exhausted. I was burned out and I felt like I was broken.”

Kristen kept pushing herself to live up to others expectations and she constantly felt that she was falling short.

She knew something needed to change, but she wasn’t sure how to do it. In her search, she came across the Vibrant Happy Women podcast and she had a big aha moment. As she listened to Jen and other incredible women talk about their struggles and successes, their lows shifting into highs, she realized that she, too, could get her sparkle back.

Listen to Kristen share how this happened (and how it can for you can, too!)

“I got to a point where I wasn’t just surviving through my days. And I started to think ahead: ok, what do I actually want from my life?”

Kristen learned that she needed to make herself a priority. She started making a shift to valuing herself rather than relying on the acceptance of others for her self-worth. She noticed an increase in her self-confidence, a positive shift in her parenting and in her marriage. 

Do you feel like you’re stretched too thin?

Do you feel like you need a change?

Do you need more time to care for yourself?

Do you need a tribe of women who share similar struggles in their journeys?

If you said yes to ANY of those questions, find out more about how you can join the Vibrant Happy Women Club and start feeling more vibrant and happy, just like Kristen. 

You don’t have to do it alone! The Vibrant Happy Women world is here to help.

Xx Jen

P.S. If you’d like a step-by-step way to get your own sparkle back and quit just “surviving your days” like Kristen said, click here to find out more about the VHW Club.

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