Why not me? Why not now? Leaving negative self talk behind

Let's face it: life can feel dark sometimes. Whether you've struggled with a wayward child, health problems, divorce, or overwhelm, sometimes you just feel suck.

That's exactly how Rebecca Kay felt years ago when she was struggling and covered in a “blanket of darkness.” A single mom of three daughters, her energy levels were at a low. She was crushing herself with negative self-talk.

She can’t remember how, but she stumbled across Vibrant Happy Women and it began to change her life.

Slowly she learned how to rewire her self-talk. She discovered how to raise her energy levels. She started to feel happy and radiant again!

Coming across an email from me, she learned about the Vibrant Happy Women Coaching Certification and she immediately realized that it was something she needed to do for herself and for her future. Listen to Rebecca share her story in her own words and coming to the point when she asked herself:

“Why not me? Why not now?”

Joining the Vibrant Happy Women Coaching Certification program has brought an even deeper level of change to her life. By dedicating a few hours each week, Rebecca has:

  • Tackled the next layer of limiting beliefs and negative self-talk
  • Improved the skill of holding space for others
  • Plunged deeply into learning the tools that will help her to coach others 
  • Secured the coaching tools by practicing them herself
  • And she has revealed and recognized the radiance within herself!

“It’s about shedding layers of ‘shoulds’ so we can really shine!” – Rebecca Kay

You don’t have to navigate life’s storms alone! For Rebecca, she found a sisterhood of women who she felt safe with. These women are all trying to change themselves. And they are gaining skills to change the world around them by improving themselves first – and uncovering their SHINE.

Do you want to be here, too? You can!

xx Jen

P.S. If you’d like a step-by-step way to shed your negative self-talk and limiting beliefs like Rebecca did, click here to learn more about the Vibrant Happy Women Coach Certification Program. 

Not ready to become a coach? Consider joining the Vibrant Happy Women Club where you can learn and practice many of these same skills to uplevel your life!

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