From Overwhelmed to Happy (and Paid to Help Others Do the Same!)

We all have those moments as women (I definitely have).

The feeling of overwhelm and exhaustion, coupled with thoughts of I can't do this!

I hope that Alberta's story will show you how you, too, can step away from the stress and the exhaustion and prioritize your happiness.

After the birth of her second child, Alberta was struggling and feeling like her life was a mess. 

Alberta searched for something to help her feel better and found the Vibrant Happy Women Podcast.

As she listened over time, she started to realize that she was suffering from postpartum depression in a way that surprised her. 

Listening to other women going through difficult things gave her strength.

She was reminded that SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL and that SHE MATTERED. She got reenergized about who she was!

Alberta decided to take a leap and join the Vibrant Happy Women Coaching Certification program.

Gaining all the tools, skills and knowledge for living a vibrant and happy life – while helping other women to do the same – transformed her.

I reclaimed my voice, Alberta explains in the video…and if you relate with her story, you'll see how you can , too:

What Alberta didn't realize before joining the Vibrant Happy Women Coach Certification is that there are tools that could teach her how to change her mindset that had been keeping her stuck. Learning about Thought Tables and the Feel It To Heal It Method allowed her to set strong boundaries and to prioritize her happiness, which has played a huge role in getting her life back.

She now says, “Let's go!” when life throws her a curve ball. 

Alberta now has a supportive community of sisters who accept and love her! 

And she is a paid Vibrant Happy Women Coach and doing work that is meaningful and fulfilling!

My friend, I see you. You're working hard to be happy and to be a good mom. You want a career that's fulfilling rather than draining. You might be at the breaking point, just like Alberta was.

You don't have to find your way alone.

If you see yourself in Alberta's story, please know we're here to help. The Vibrant Happy Women movement was created for women just like you.

Miracles happen,


P.S. Are you feeling the nudge to help yourself and others rise to their beautiful potential? Do you want to acquire the skills to help others uplevel their lives (and in the process uplevel your own)? To learn more about the Vibrant Happy Women Coach Certification program, click here. Join Alberta and many other amazing women on this journey of self-discovery and growth!

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