How Theresa brought the color back to her life.

Have you ever been in a stage of life that you think should be bringing lots of joy and happiness…but you just don’t feel it?

You might have asked: why am I feeling like this? Ugh. What can I do to feel like ME again?

Theresa Cooper's story may sound a lot like yours.

After making a big move with her family to England from the United States, Theresa expected to be having the time of her life.

Instead she felt lonely. She wasn't feeling happy in her marriage. She felt depressed. 

Theresa wanted to change.

At her low point Theresa stumbled upon the Vibrant Happy Women Podcast and discovered there was a club she could join and give her tools to feel more aligned, joyful and happy.

Theresa joined the Vibrant Happy Women Club and began meeting weekly with a Soul Circle (a small group of likeminded women who talk about the podcast and personal growth).

She felt accepted and loved as she connected with other women over similar life struggles despite living in different parts of the world.

Theresa learned she wasn’t alone, which made all the difference!

Watch Theresa share her story below (you'll likely hear parts of her story that sound like YOUR story):

Putting the tools she learned to work (and it was work!), Theresa began to see a change in her marriage. She also began to show up as a happier mom and enjoy more connection with her boys. 

“My being happier just brought color to everything around me.”

Theresa experienced so much growth in less than a year that she decided to enroll in the Vibrant Happy Women Coach Certification so she could share what she learned with others.

If you see yourself in Theresa's story, please know we're here to help. You are not alone. You deserve to feel happy, fulfilled and lit up about life, and to have a group of likeminded friends who are loving life, too! The Vibrant Happy Women movement was created for women just like you.

Claim your happiness!


P.S. Do YOU want to start seeing changes and improvements in your relationships? In how you take care of yourself? In how you feel? If you answered yes to any of these, the Vibrant Happy Women Club welcomes you with open arms. You don't have to figure it out alone. Click here to find out more about the Vibrant Happy Women Club how you can uplevel your life and happiness just like Theresa did!

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