Exercise. It livens up your body. When your body feels good, everything will feel great as well. Include exercise in your routine like a non-negotiable activity and see the difference in your life in a week.

Some Inspirational Thoughts:

“Eating healthy, clean whole foods and exercise would both be on my level one. These two things combine do the most to build happiness in my life. Now you might be surprised that I did not list meditation or prayer or others more self-helpy things as my level ones. Well, the reason for this is that when my body feels good, my spirituality and my happiness are dramatically increased, so everything else just goes better that is why I list these as level ones.”

“I have a challenge for you. Begin now to schedule your exercise. Write down exactly when it is going to happen and figure out a time when you can do it consistently… pick a time that you are going to exercise right it on your calendar and make it a non-negotiable activity, like a job. ”


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