Alignment: A perspective on how we view others. 

Every person we interact with has a choice to live in alignment with their best, or divine self. As human beings we are prone to seeing the negative, to seeing lack, to making it a point to notice where people fall short. We may think that we don't like someone, but what we really don't like is their non aligned actions. If they were living in alignment we would be madly in love with them, enamored with them, respectful of them.

Look at the people you know and recognize that we are all trying to live in alignment. Some of us do better than others, but as we keep this in mind, we will be able to see that every human being we interact with is beautiful, amazing and powerful. This positive outlook not only makes us happier, but the people we interact with can feel our positive vibes, and they just might choose to act a little better in return.

If you're in the habit of thinking negatively about others, I want to challenge you to turn this around. See the good in others, their highest and best selves, and you will be spreading happiness and joy wherever you go. Try it out! I'd love to see how it goes.

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