This Episode: How to thrive when you're drowning in demands. 

In the last HappyBit I spoke about yin and yang energy. Yin being the energy of restoration and relaxation, and yang being the energy of achievement and accomplishment. Sometimes we try our best to balance these two energies, but we still find that we need more time to relax. As a mom of six I know all about this.

Often, after finishing the laundry or cooking a meal I'll finally be ready to take a break. I'll sit down with a book and begin to read, then inevitably, within minutes somebody will approach me to say, “Mom! He did this…” or “Mom, can you help me find…” And so, there's yet another problem to solve.

One day it occurred to me that I felt like I was in the deep end of a pool treading water, just barely keeping my head above the surface. My kids were particularly needy that day and I hadn't taken a break in a long time. Then the thought came to me: “Get out of the water. Swim over to the side of the pool and get out.” This meant taking a break completely away from my kids and family and having that quiet time just for myself.

Sometimes I drive to a local park and take a long hike for several hours, or go out of town to visit friends. The point is to get out the water and create a space for yourself where no one can bother you, to enjoy some quiet restorative time alone. I've noticed that when I do this, the stress peels away like layers of an onion, and I come back so much  happier and excited to be around my kids and to do my life again.

I want to give you a challenge, to examine your life and figure out ways and times to get out of the water. Get them on the calendar and make it happen, and you will find yourself feeling more calm and rejuvenated, and you will be happier!

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