This Episode: Feeling drained? Revitalize yourself by balancing yin and yang. 


Are you constantly trying to succeed and achieve and accomplish at the expense of relaxation, restoration and rest? Today I'm talking about energy. Specifically what Chinese philosophy calls yin and yang energy.

Lately I've put all my time and energy into preparing to launch this podcast, and then actually launching it. I've been very achievement oriented, focused on accomplishing the task. This is yang energy.

In contrast, the yin energy has been sorely lacking in my life. The yin energy is restorative, soft, and healing. If you've been focused on achieving or striving to accomplish something for a while, there comes a point when you might feel a little less successful, a little less excited, a little burnt out. This is a cue from your body, mind or spirit that it's time to get things back into balance. When you take the time to restore your yin energy by doing things such as reading a good book, spending time outside, or taking a nap, you will find your motivation will come back again. 

I've set a goal to focus more on the yin energy. I'm looking forward to some cooking, gardening, more rest, more naps and just relaxing. Letting go of that need to achieve and accomplish and finish a task. I'm setting aside my to-do lists, or at least making them much smaller, so I can find that balance again. My challenge to you is to do the same. Concentrate on balancing your yin and yang energies and make it a great week!

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