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Ladder of Happiness

Ladder of Happiness: How to achieve Happiness in 5 Steps

Do you feel stuck? Frazzled? Like you’re running on empty? UNHAPPY? The Ladder of Happiness is an exercise that can help. 

What if I told you that you could leave those feelings behind and start to feel better by focusing on the 5 Levels of Happiness.

Picture yourself standing at the bottom of a ladder and as you climb each rung, you are gaining a greater measure of happiness…

ladder of happiness

Learn about the Happiness Levels:

For Level 1, you work on MASTERING YOUR TIME. What does this mean? Well, it starts with knowing your priorities and spending time on them. It also starts with having a solid morning routine. I have tools to help you build a beautiful and energizing routine to start your day.

Moving up to Level 2 you focus on HEALING YOUR HEART. This level is all about becoming emotionally self-sufficient. It’s about loving yourself so you can meet your own needs instead of relying on others to do that. Do you carry around negative emotions? Do you need an emotional detox? I can help you learn how to do this!

Did you know that if you hate your body, you cannot achieve full health? It’s true. And Level 3 of happiness is all about HEALING YOUR BODY and how to view your body as a friend, not an enemy. 

Level 4 focuses on looking outward and HEALING YOUR RELATIONSHIPS. When you’ve worked on the previous levels and taken care of yourself, you are going to show up better in your relationships with others. This looks like more patience, less resentment, less relying on others to meet your emotional needs. Pretty cool, right?

And finally at the top of the ladder is Level 5, the juiciest level of all! LIVING YOUR PURPOSE. There is something you were born to accomplish, something you do that will make a difference. It’s that something that lights you up from inside when you think about it. Figuring that out and then living it — wow. That brings tremendous joy, fulfillment and happiness. What is that thing for you? What is your purpose?

Hear more about the Ladder of Happiness directly from Jen Riday in the video below;

Starting on your Ladder of Happiness

What level of happiness are you on, my friend? What level do you need to work on? What could you do going forward to work your way up that ladder and along the way experience greater happiness?

One way you can help yourself on this happiness journey is to join the Vibrant Happy Women Club. This is a community of supportive women that together help each other to RISE to a happier, more fulfilled life. Designed to help you shift up that ladder, you will gain tools and practice how to use them — tools like Feel It to Heal It, Thought Tables, and my B.E.H.E.R. morning routine. You can join a Soul Circle group and meet with like-minded women weekly to discuss and help each other (kind of like a book club and therapy session all rolled into one!)

Find out more or sign up here and begin your climb up the ladder of happiness!


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About jen

Jen Riday is a mom of 6 and life coach who loves to help women experience massive happiness as they let go of stress, sadness or other chronic emotions of negativity.

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