About This Episode:

Many of us can picture future plans for our lives, but can we imagine the feelings we’ll have when we reach our goals? Jill Payne shares how training our brains to envision what future experiences will feel will help us be motivated to achieve them. Along with the help of our Agent, who has our best interests in mind, we can be #diming!

What You'll Learn:

After listening you'll know:

  • How spending 30 seconds 3 times a day can shift your life
  • How to help the “kid in your belly” and the “adult in your throat” work together
  • How to retrain your brain to envision future events and accompanying feelings
  • Why “no’s” in your life plan can be beneficial
  • How to get on the right channel with your Agent
  • How your beliefs become your energy that leads to actions and results
  • And much more!

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