About This Episode:

Do you ever find yourself working faster and faster and harder and harder trying to get what you want? You rely on sheet grit and will power to get get you there – often without success. There’s an easier way! In this episode Carolin Hauser-Carson shares how slowing down and taking excellent care of yourself will place you in a state of FLOW where you can RECEIVE (rather than force) the things you want in life.

What You'll Learn:

After listening you'll know:

  • How to shift out of the energetic state of depression into something that feels better
  • The difference between low vibrational energy and high vibrational energy
  • Why you’re probably using your will power in the wrong way and what to do instead
  • The benefits of giving yourself permission to feel what you're feeling without judgement
  • How the law of polarity is working in your life

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