About This Episode:

You might say that you aren’t “a creative person”. But consider this: creativity is the use of imagination and original ideas and then turning them into reality.  Pretty cool, right? Everyone has some sort of creativity that needs to be released and made real! In this episode, you’ll learn how Jill Kane discovered her creative outlet and how it’s helped her find fulfillment in many areas of her life.

What You'll Learn:

After listening you'll know:

  • What Jill’s mantra is and how it takes the pressure off perfection
  • How EFT tapping can release past hurts and shift current anxieties
  • How to shift your mindset during different seasons of life to avoid frustration
  • What the 3 step experiment process is and how to use it to achieve goals
  • Why there’s no such thing as non-creative people and why you should give yourself permission to try new things
  • How small and simple things can help build lasting friendships
  • And much more!

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