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97: How Choosing Empowering Words Can Improve Your Health and Happiness with Mary Shores

Do you ever wonder why change and growth seem so hard and slow? In this episode, you'll discover how to reprogram your brain through conscious communications. Guest Mary Shores shares why it's important to choose powerful words and thoughts because it will completely change your reality in all areas, from health, to relationships, to confidence in your career.

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to loosen the grip of the tragic stories of your life
  • Viewing your relationships through the “cleanse or clog” lenses
  • Why it's critical to drop unrealistic expectations of ourselves, especially in the role of mother

Nuggets of Wisdom from Mary:

“Whenever you take the time to declare what you want to be true about yourself and you’re focusing on that instead of making a joke like, ‘Ha Ha, my butt’s too big,’ or whatever we say, then you’re really programming your subconscious mind and you made subtle behavior changes.”

“Words are a mirror to your subconscious programming. When I was saying the words, ‘I want to write a book,' it’s almost like you can see that written on my soul, like a purpose. But there is a problem with the words, ‘but I am not a writer.' It’s also revealing something about my subconscious programming, that somewhere deep inside, I did not really believe that I was capable of writing a book. So I had to invest in myself to overcome that belief.”

What does it mean to be a Vibrant Happy Woman?

“To understand I’m worthy of all good things. To stay in my integrity and my authenticity. Authenticity is when you become this version of yourself that you are meant to be instead of following what we were taught to be. This is when you will become your most vibrant self.”

A Challenge from Mary:

“Writing 100 things that you like about yourself.”

Links From This Episode:

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