About This Episode:

Understanding the opposite sex is an age old struggle. This episode will help you shift your thinking away from focusing on the scary, frustrating, or false beliefs about relationships and towards a more empowering and refreshing mindset. Learn a variety of ways to navigate the mysterious waters of relationships with men from dating and relationship coach, Marni Battista.

What You'll Learn:

After listening you'll know:

  • What somatic techniques are and how you can use them to calm fear and anxiety
  • How to identify beliefs about men that may get in the way of a great relationship
  • Why playing hard to get is NOT the answer
  • 3 questions to ask when you’re stuck in a frustrating relationship situation
  • What the golden question to ask when dealing with conflict in a relationship
  • What a “shoulder to shoulder” conversation is and how it works!
  • And much more juicy info!

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